What is it like having sex in the mountains with someone you just met?

Being a wanderer, I have experienced and lived a lot of places. Mountains or hill stations have their unique perks. I had been to mountains several times to upkeep the freshness and shedding all the stress of daily life. One of those stressful time was the summer of the previous year. My body and soul was in dire need of a vacation and the hot summer was also one of the reasons.

A trip to remember

I am more solo kind of person, so I planned for a trip to Himachal Pradesh, where specifically to Kasol as I wanted to live a hippie life for some time to shed all the loads off my soul and mind. The planning part was quite good as I had done some research about the place.

After reaching there, I met with a group of tourist who is from Ukraine. They are in total 4 friends three of them were girls. We met in while strolling in the valley. I found them quite open and comfortable with everything. We had lots of fun while hiking, roaming, and nevertheless the experience of cannabis. All of them were comfortable with that, which makes us five.

One of them was beautiful who is quite attracted to me. My feelings are also the same for her as we gazed like, we have something. She was very straight forward and comfy about all the stuff we had done.

One of the moments I cherish from that trip is the sex we have, in the mountains. The rejuvenating feel and roller-coaster ride of freshness were quite awesome. I was glad at that time. The scenario was quite picture-perfect. I was quite a bit hesitated, being in a soothing and a soul relieving place ignited the little fire of experiencing something new.

The scenario was like that, one morning we both were ready to take a stroll in the mountains, while her friends were quite tired by the hectic hiking we have done. I was quite normal about the walk as some comfy time was there to spend with her. But the set of unusual events led us to feel each other intimately. The true intimacy generated after experiencing the true sense of nature. Even we sat together and only listened to the various sounds of the valley and the forest. Moreover, the shapes of mountains also are in poses which are quite a treat to watch.

Before being in those sensuous moments, we had taken a brief stroll which leads us to the true beauty of the valley. The shapes of mountains aroused the feeling of being together. The crude nature played a vital role in the process. Moreover, we were equipped with our arousal drug i.e. cannabis we tried it out amid the forest, which zoned out both of us. The set of events taken place after that. We were on the path of forest and suddenly the small talks and eventual touch aroused the feeling.

The sense of seclusion, natural beauty, the sound of nature and the eventual chirping of birds, increased the sensitivity for both of us. As she is very much open towards her feeling, the main thing to start with was touches. I think the most important catalyst was the seclusion and the nature toll of its inner beauty. These made us intimate. The whole process of that sensitive feeling was started with a sensuous kiss. The kiss leads to brief foreplay as we were also concerned about anyone presence. Though I was more concerned about anyone presence as she kept up the flow of the moment. We found a field of padded grass where there lies a bed of green grass. We used that as a bed and started our core activities of sex. Both of us were aroused because of the aura created by cannabis as well as the scenic beauty. The cool breeze was quite scintillating for our intimacy. Though the whole process was very brief but beautiful and refreshing. The sense of satisfaction we got after that was on top-notch.

After that my stay in that scenic place was brief almost for 5 days. Those 5 days we were totally into each other. We specifically stroll in valleys for the sex. Though the sex was for a brief time we enjoyed that a lot.

My Ukrainian partner was also quite happy. Even she took a visit to my place after that, as we attached. We still talk over the phone. And she is planning to take a visit to my city. I am also planning to take a vacation to Uttarakhand flower valley with her. We both have made our minds to try those same things which we had experienced in Kasol.

Taking a random thought about that trip, I deduced that nature plays a very important role in arousing our emotion. Although if you are lucky and able to find someone, that is an added benefit. I found this very amazing about the ways nature helps us to reveal our true self and let us indulge in the activity which we want. I think this is because of the true form which nature has of its own.

From that trip, I have deduced that, if you are making your mind to plan a trip in the mountains with your partner. You should give preference to intimacy. Intimacy is not only privately, but try to give it a try in open nature as well. After giving much thought, I concluded that these following should be dedicatedly followed if you want to carry out intimacy in mountains whether with your partner, wife or a total stranger.

  • On the mountain peaks, air density is low. The air gets thinner as you rise. So take it slow, as you will need breath to catch. If you don’t want to be exhausted, then going slow while having sex is foremost. This is more applicable at the top of the mountain if you are preferring for nature-sex. Avoid the post-sex cigarette also as you will already be equipped with less oxygen, so be careful.
  • Foreplay is mandatory. This cannot be given less importance at any cost. Keep in mind to work all areas of her subsidiary genitals such as boobs or balls. As foreplay in nature is quite easy, the unusual touch and the sweat due to excessive walking and climbing can do half of the work. Moreover, the 50mph wind will give you an aesthetic feel to carry out this beautiful session. How much walking is too much? Find out in this Very Well Fit article.
  • You have to experience all the position, specifically 69 is the best one. It will enable you to keep a watch for anything to come. And the satisfaction will also be on another level for both. I remember, in one of the sessions, I had tried all the positions in my trip. As we found a good place to carry out all that. The most important advantage of having sex in the mountains is you can find lots of secluded places. Remember to pack all your belongings after the session as being tidy is very important.
  • Keeping in mind that you can avail campsites also and make love there also. In my case we are kind of awestruck by the natural beauty of the mountains, we always prefer to have sex or caressing and pampering outside. There is a certain attachment between three of us me, my partner and scenic beauty of nature. Cumulatively we make a great trio, indulged in threesome.
  • You can also experience some specific positions in the woods or behind the rock such as doggy style as it is the best position to carry out in a padded field. It hides the partner presence and enables to carry out the intimacy without any stress. I have tried it all along our trip to the mountains. Although we preferred each other company a lot.

I got a special attraction towards this type of sex as it refreshes you and also you will be quite energized and ready for this. In my case, being a total go-to guy who loves to experiment, this is best.

So this is it. Having sex in nature is born into us. We cannot deny the fact that our ancestral set of events took place in raw nature. We have evolved through this. Evolution cannot be denied without having sex and that too in nature’s crude form. The taboo attitude towards having sex is a wrong approach as we are meant to bang in nature. Though the problem is with the security you have to make a small gap in the regular life to experiment something new.

I am quite ready for my next trip with my Ukrainian partner. What about you? Go and enjoy the two most beautiful things of the universe collectively. One is the pursuit of inner beauty and the other deals with finding peace in the raw form.