What are the sex positions that are actually yoga poses?

We, humans, are conditioned to seek love, pleasure, and sex with a goal of recreation and growth. This evolutionary conditioning involves perfect functioning and coordination for all the five senses, leading towards the ultimate goal of self-actualization. Yoga, as expounded in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, helps you bring all the senses in perfect coordination with nature so that your body remains healthy and fit for recreational activities like sex.

Etymologically “sex” comes from the Greek meaning “separation,” while yoga is all about unification, just opposite of the Greek meaning. In Sanskrit, the word “Yoga” means “to yoke, to dissolve separation.” If we go by the popular western notion of Yoga as a tantric practice, then it means Tan + tra i.e. stretch (tan) across (tra). So, yoga Tantra is your ability to stretch your perception from self to beyond that leads you to shunyata i.e. emptiness. This notion finds its expression in yogic sex as well, when you mingle to unify and in that moment of intimacy there is no other your identity merges with the other. Sex isn’t just a physical practice but a mental reunion. It all depends on intention because it is your intention that makes it either love or rape. In both cases, the act is the same, but your intention makes all the difference.

In simple words, yoga in unification and sex is separation. Your yoga practice helps you achieve that state of mind when you start seeing yourself in another and fall in love with another and be in the state of joy. In yoga, you try to find a perfect balance of mobility and breathing by controlling one sense or the other. If you integrate your yoga pose with sex pose, you could get the mind-blowing experience of mind, body, and soul working in perfect coordination. Since sexual activity invigorates hormonal and metabolic functionality, the blend of yoga in that state helps you gain better control over senses.

You can get the visual miracle of yoga and sex in an ancient Sanskrit book titles Kama Sutra, written by Vatsyayana. In this book, the author explores the philosophy of well-being through physical relationship. This masterpiece has several pictorial presentations of sex positions which are mostly yoga poses. Another, display of eroticism and yogic sex is in the ancient temple of the Khajuraho in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, which is now a UNESCO world heritage site. The practice of integrating yoga with sex gives you better flexibility and mobility along with control over core muscles.

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If you want to bring the element of fun and freshness in your sex life, then it is better to start integrating yoga with sex. If you dig a little deeper, you will realize that more than half of your favorite sex positions are yoga poses in reality. All you need to do is to practice it with perfection for maximum joy and fulfillment. Spice up your sex life with these yoga poses:

Sex Positions That Are Actually Yoga Poses

It is time to take yoga from the studio to bedroom. If you are a yoga practitioner, just close your eyes and visualize your partner near your body, and you feel the sensation of compatibility and maximum body-to-body proximity in all your yoga poses. Of course, this gives you the unimagined flexibility to explore new positions along with the joy-driven fulfillment. If you reverse the case, your sex life could help you practice the art of yoga in your bedroom with your partner. These are some of the sex positions that are actually yoga poses and all you need to do is to practice it more meticulously:

Plow Pose
The simplest way to do is to lie on your back with knees bent. Pull your knee towards the chest. Keep your legs perpendicular to the bed. Now, hold your lower back with hands and try to bend at your hips. Keep your feet together to get maximum balance while in action. You partner will kneel behind or stand depending on the space available and the height of the bed. It helps you get maximum penetration and of course the maximum pleasure. If you have a cervical problem, you should be careful as this could jolt you harder. If your partner is gifted, you know how much penetration you could endure.

Happy Baby Pose
Don’t go by the name. It is rated as one of the best sex position that comes from yoga. It is pretty simple; just lie on your back and hold the feet to drag it towards your chest. This will slightly pull your back up and your knee will touch the ground near your chest. This gives you partner optimum space to get the maximum depth. Of course, you cannot do it on yoga mat your body might need some additional comfort. This opens your hip and other areas; you can feel the smile on the face of your partner.

Standing Forward Bend
This is little experimental is nature if you want to try something thrilling. You have to stand first and spread your feet 3-4 feet, as much your flexibility allows. Now, slowly lower your body forward and hold your knee with hand. You can now invite your partner to caress your organs and penetrate slowly. This reverse entry touches the front vaginal wall, giving you extreme pleasure.

Downward Dog

This is a perfect yoga pose that helps you activate metabolism and deep breathing. This is called Adho Mukha Svanasana. It looks more like upside-down V. Keep your hands shoulder-width apart and feet hip-width apart. Now, push your back against gravity and try to keep your back inclination for body-weight balance. Keep your head and hand stable and find a perfectly comfortable position to invite your partner from the back. Since you will be getting a deep push so it is desirable to get some support. This is popular among youths who live to have to stand up “fun”. This triggers maximum sensation in your organ as you get touched from a different angle.

Bridge Pose
This yoga pose is focused on bringing your lower body in sync with the upper body by reversing the weight balance. This is very easy to do yoga. Isn’t is one of the most favorite sex positions as your partner looks for maximum entry and hold your hips to make you feel united. To make it better, lie on your back and keep knees bent and firm on the ground. Next, keep your feet hip-width apart or little more to allow you partner kneel between legs. Now, keep head stable on floor and raise our hip to form a straight line from knee to shoulder. This is the best form of invitation for maximum pleasure. It is a dynamic pose, so you can blend it with other poses for maximum fulfillment.

Three-Legged Dog Pose
You can take it as a step forward from the downward doggy position to get another angle of sensation. This is also a dynamic pose, as you lift your one leg towards the ceiling for that little extra stretch. The moment you lift your leg, your partner will come closer with that little extra force. You can play with the opening of your hip for the extra dose of excitement. Your partner can hold your leg for the desired balance, as ultimately it is all about the pleasure of union.

This yoga pose is simple and very effective for spinal stretching and neural activity. You can do it anywhere; of course, you need a bedroom for sexual pleasure. Sit on your heels and keep knees separated hip-width apart. Now bent forward and let your upper body touch the inner thighs. Take your hand forward and keep the shoulder in a relaxing position. You are ready to invite your partner to come from behind and hold your hips to pull. This gives you partner an amazing exposure and grab.

On the side note, if you can’t do sex for spinal stretching, do these back exercises instead.

Reclining Bound Angle Pose

First of all, lie on the back and bend your legs. Keep your feet together and create a diamond-like structure with your legs. This sex position stretches muscle of inner thigh giving you the desired relaxation along with the desired bodily message of your partner.

There is no technicality involve here. This yoga pose is less physical and more mental. It is simple, just lie on the back and spread your leg. Let your breath slow and your partner comes near you. The sensational trigger in this pose will be amazing as you are more mentally involved in the process. This is a great way to start the sexy evening. It is the most favorite pose because of its simplicity.

Chakra Kiss
This is most intimate of the sex position and you and your partner come closer from all possible angles. Ask your partner to be in easy-seated position. Now, slowly sit in his lap and let your legs wrap his body. Of course, you need to remain hooked to let your body find the desired swings.

The pursuit of happiness is a very complex expedition. Your mind, body, and soul need to be in perfect sync with nature and surroundings. Your sexual life plays a very important role in bringing that element of joy in life. Blend yoga with sex to make your moments memorable!