What are the benefits of going camping in the woods?

Human life has become very complicated these days. People have become too occupied in their works and so they do not have time that they can spend doing recreational activities. Moreover, the only free time that you get is on weekends but that too is not very entertaining and enjoying as the weekends are passed in doing pending works and sleeping most of the times. The workloads of the weekdays are so heavy and loaded that people want to spend their weekends sleeping peacefully. This kind of life has not only made people busier but has also increased stress, tension, etc. This has also led to a disturbing life routine and bad sleeping habits, and they have resulted in bad health conditions as well.

Camping is something that can bring some fun and refreshments in life along with the adventure that makes life interesting. Camping will give you a break from the busy scheduled life and has the capacity of changing the mood and health condition of human beings. Camping can be defined as an outdoor activity, which includes overnight stays in tents or in some sort of recreational vehicles that is away from home and gives you a break from the daily life routine.

Staying away from home will give you some time to enjoy with your self and with your friends, families, etc. This will bring back the energy that gets lost in us because of the kind of life we humans live. Camping has many health benefits also; they keep you both mentally physically strong. You can go camping at any place you want to but that should be away from the hassles of the city like near the mountains and valleys, near some riverside or maybe in woods or forests. It depends upon your mood and interests but camping in woods are said to be very adventurous, fun and interesting. There are several health benefits also of camping in the woods.

Camping needs some preparations. You can not just get up without any preparation and go camping. They are different from the trips and holidays that we go for in general. Proper camping can be very dangerous and terrible if you go without preparations. You need to know certain tips to have good camping; some of the major tips are discussed below along with the benefits of camping in the woods.

What are the tips that you need to follow when you go camping in the woods?

Camping in the woods is very interesting and fun-loving only if done correctly, otherwise, this can be terrifying and troublesome. Some of the basic tips are being mentioned below:

  • During camping you necessarily need to have a tent that withstands all the weather conditions, as you cannot expect to have good and same weather conditions in the forest so you should be prepared for it.
  • Always try to arrange a tent that is lighter in weight so that when you walk for long distances then your luggage does not become excessively heavy. In camping, you generally have to walk for long distances so heavy tenting materials can be troublesome.
  • Rain and storms are very common in forests. It is therefore very important to carry a waterproof tent with you so that you are protected from rain when you sleep or rest inside the tent. You can use a tarp for that purpose; it will protect your tent from rain.
  • An insulated sleeping bag will keep you warm and safe when you sleep in woods so never forget to carry that with you when you choose to go camping in the woods.
  • A light backpack is a good choice for camping of any kind. It completely depends upon your backpack that how much things you can carry. So be wise in getting yourself a good camping bag.
  • You need not carry many clothes when you go for camping; however, one set of clothes for changing is a must.
  • Selection of clothes should be smart, always carry clothes that are made of quick-drying fabric so that they can be easily dried as wet clothes are heavier to carry. When you go for camping in cold weather than never forget to carry a woolen jacket with you. Also, you should carry a rain jacket to stay dry on a rainy day.
  • Hats and other such sun protections are must when you are in woods. The weather in the day time is very sunny and so you need to have hats and other stuff like that which will save you from sun rays. Also keep some sunscreen, mosquito sprays and insect repellent for protection.
  • Never forget to wear good shoes or a pair of boots that supports your ankles. You should always wear a pair of shoes or boots instead of any other footwears as they can be very problematic when you walk.
  • If possible, then you should carry a portable stove with you so that you can cook some basic foods or at least boil water to drink.
  • Some basic utensils like knife, pots, etc should always be there in your luggage as you would need them in the forest.
  • Keep some prepared food that you do not need to cook so that you do not have to stay hungry for long. Also, keep water bottles with you when you go camping.
  • Apart from all the things to eat, drink, etc you should never forget to carry a first aid kit with you as you may need it any point of time.
  • Keep some small games like cards so that you can enjoy some good moments with your friends and companions on the trip.
  • While camping select a place that is at a distance from the hills for sleeping so that raindrops or stones do not fall on you.
  • Fire saves you from wild animals, insects, and many such things so never forget to lit fire near your tent while you go for camping in woods.
  • You always need to keep yourself hydrated so drink plenty of water so that you don’t fall sick.

What are the pros of camping in the woods?

Following are the benefits of camping in the woods:

  • Forests are away from the city that has fresh air and no pollution. You get to breathe in the fresh air, the air and the atmosphere in the cities are very much polluted and it becomes very suffocating there. In woods the atmosphere is clean and clear, you are more close to nature.
  • Today the lives of human beings are occupied with gadgets like mobile phones and all. In the forest, the network is not so good so it distances you from your phone and you get social with the environment and with the people you go camping with.
  • You are away from stress when are in woods. You do not do any work and you need not follow the regular time table that you follow while camping in woods so you are away from all the tension and stress from daily life. Also, such camping revives the energy in you and so when you return you work with more focus and feel relaxed.
  • While camping in woods you need to walk a lot, you also have to do all the activities on your own without the help of machines you also have to search for your food on your own. This gives your brain some kind of activation and at the same time, you are away from the mechanics of daily life.
  • You get to spend time with yourself in the beauty of nature. People forget to give time to themselves in their busy lives. While camping in woods you discover yourself, your strengths and capabilities. You meet the inner self that rejuvenates you and fills you with more life.
  • It is believed that forest breathing in itself is a form of meditation that gives you peace from within and you feel good and fresh. Meditation is always good to have a peaceful mind. It gives you concentration that you need in life and the forest life in few days give you that.

Forests have many -many more things to offer to humankind. The sun rays that fall on you are the great source of vitamin D which is a great requirement of the body. When you walk in the forest you experience real nature and understand the importance of human life and its complications also. You get recharged with a different kind of energy with such camping. It is very essential for all human beings as it revives and rejuvenates them. It makes you feel better and allows you to come out of a machine like life and enjoy nature, its beauty, and the natural foods. You feel motivated, inspired and full of strength after such camping in forests so they are very crucial for all the beings.