Personal Story: My experience going on a digital detox in the mountains

In the past month, I have gone through digital detoxification in the mountain to cleanse my system from digital addiction. Digital detoxification indicates to the process where a person resists the use of digital gadgets and detoxifies the system. I was feeling quite stressed out from the job and I wanted to take a break and hence I went to the mountains and that is probably the perfect place to to go through digital detox. There are several activities that I have tried like hiking, trekking, camping and many more which has reduced my urge to use any digital gadget very often. 

I was not only detached from the use of mobile phones, tablets, laptop but I was also detached from other digital products. It did help me to detach myself from all the toxic things that are restraining by growth and is throwing me into a world that is filled with depression and stress.

For once in a while, everyone should go through digital detoxification because it can completely change your perspective about a happy life.

Why go for digital detox therapy in mountains?

If you want to go through digital detoxification then you should do it in the mountains. There are several perks of doing it in the mountain and apart from that, you are going to be in a different environment. In the mountain lodge, you will get Wi-Fi, but in all the other spots there will be no Wi-Fi. So it indicates that it will cut you off from any type of use of the internet and at such a high altitude there is hardly any chance of getting a mobile tower. It will help you to not use your social media and just enjoy the beauty that is surrounding you.

Most of the time we hardly spend time on admiring nature as we have cameras to click them. If you go to digital detoxification you will be able to capture the beauty in your eyes that will stay with you for a long time.

When you will go to the mountains for digital detox it will put you in an environment where you will hardly have any access to radio, television, computer and won’t be able to use your smartphones properly as it will disconnect you from the internet completely. This, in turn, will help everyone to reduce their stress level and control the cortisol.

Cortisol is responsible for the increase in stress and by balancing it you can maintain a healthy body. Several external stimuli like digital gadgets are pulling us away from the goals that we want to achieve. When you will go to the mountains you can perform several activities and you will hardly get any time to touch your any digital friend. Whenever you are going to the mountains make sure you are keeping your digital gadgets at home or the hotel enjoy the day.

How it has helped me?

  • As the phone and tablet were not buzzing or vibrating so it has given me enough time to breathe deeply and to be less on the edge. I was being able to slow down and relax because I was not hooked up to the digital gadget.
  • Doing Facebook, checking messages, scrolling down the applications take our mind away from the important things. If we are walking with a phone in our hand we will hardly look at the surrounding. By visiting the mountain I did make some new friends and went walking on the beautiful mountain trails instead of scrolling down the social media. It also gave me enough time to think more about all the important things that needed attention.
  • As I was not being able to stay from my phone screen so it gave me a lot of time to easily connect with friends. When you will not have your phone you will be able to initiate a conversation and learn new things from new people. You can also get an opportunity for sharing your feelings and laughing together, which might improve your relationship not only with your close people but also with the new people that you will meet in the journey.
  • Phones have taught us to perform multitasking. But without phones or any other digital gadgets, you will be able to focus on one task at a time. You will accomplish more and the result will be more satisfying than performing multitasking.
  • After spending a weekend away from the technology it made me feel more energetic. I got a lot of time to implement new ideas and make new connections. The result that I have encountered when I came back to my normal life is I can easily compartmentalizing things which increased my productivity level in the office.
  • As there were no phones so I got a lot of time to admire nature and the beauty of the beautiful landscapes of the mountain. It taught me to appreciate all the minute things and the vastness of the mountain.

After performing the digital toxification it did make me feel a lot better and I started craving for a more digital detoxification. So even after coming back from the mountain digital detox, I reduce the use of digital gadgets until it is necessary. By performing digital detoxification in the mountain I was being able to relax and rejuvenate myself. It gave plenty of time for growing, sharing and planning.

How to perform digital detoxification in the mountain

When I went to the mountain for digital detoxification initially I thought it would be difficult but it was not. Many people like me were addicted to the use of smartphones, laptops, tablets and many more and they also came to the mountain to go through digital detoxification.

It is very beneficial to go to the mountain trekking because you will be immersed in the beautiful environment of nature. Hiking in the beautiful mountain landscapes will consume most of the time and you will be able to notice all the minute things which you usually don’t when you have a smartphone in your hand.

In your mountain trekking lodge, they will have a Wi-Fi but it will be available for a specific time so you won’t get the opportunity of using the internet. This, in turn, will reduce the stress hormone called cortisol.

Stress comes majorly from the use of digital gadgets and it has been confirmed. If you have a habit of constantly checking your smartphone then. Mountains are going to provide you with a lot of activities to hardly get any time for that.

The mountain digital detox will help you to separate yourself from the technology that you use daily. One can use the natural constraints of traveling to reduce their time with the digital gadget. As in the mountains, you will be quite busy to enjoy and have fun, so you would hardly feel disconnected from the outside world.

Make sure you are letting all the people know that you will be unavailable by sending the auto-responding emails. It is very important to prepare yourself before going into a digital detox. You can also opt for several mountain hotels that completely focuses on digital detoxification and they are going to provide you with everything to support your process of digital detox.

Who should try?

If you find yourself hooked up to your digital gadgets most of the time, then you should try some digital detoxification. Digital detoxification is going to help people of different age to live a life that does not have the use of digital things like TV, radio, computer, and smartphones. You can go through a digital detox period yearly, weekly or monthly or during going on a vacation.

If you are stressed out from your life and you need a break, then the first break that you need is from your gadgets. We spend a significant amount of time on social media and other applications. By spending a significant amount of time on these places we are wasting our time and sometimes it is also putting us under a lot of pressure and stress.

Whenever you feel that you have used too much of digital products and you can certainly refrain from the use of it for some time then you should go to digital detoxification.


Detoxification is going to cleanse your system and mind and help you to focus on the major things. Digital detoxification is needed once in a while to keep yourself away from stress and other negative things. Getting addicted to your digital friend is equally worse, like any other addiction. You can go to the mountains or any other vacation spot to perform digital detox. Mountains are going to help you to perform several activities that will keep your mind and body healthy. When you are going to the mountain it is the time to breathe pure air.