Personal Story: I meditated while having sex. I think everyone should do it too

Being a person who tries to experience new things, I have recently been experienced with tantric sex. In tantric sex they make you meditate extensively, before having sex. It acts as a catalyst and also gives a long-lasting and vivid approach towards the sex. I felt rejuvenating after doing this.

Before that, I was very skeptical about that. I have not joined the dots of meditation and sex before. But after experiencing the same I found it very soothing and also a stress buster. Moreover, the feel of everything to sense while having sex after the meditation is one of its kind.

Overview of the event

The senses at the time of sex after meditation are on their par function. I was able to feel even the small details or the tiny bit of activities. One of the instances is that I was able to feel even the tiniest bit of exhaling and inhaling of my sexual partner.

This happened after a stressful month of work, which has a lot of stressful effects on my body and soul. I was off to a hill station, where one of my friends introduced with this tantric sex. This is not mythical or black magic. It is related to the historic importance of meditation. The rush of normal life has detached us from a lot of things. It also effects in an adverse way which is quite harmful. So coming back to that instance of meditating sex. I was amused by the name only “tantric sex”. The eagerness to know more about this was on the verge. So I consulted with him and we both were ready to experience that. As the process of doing that was not so complicated, but it indulges some preferred procedure.

In that, they made us meditate before having sex, in a peaceful environment, which somehow evolved my senses. After the meditation when I was there in sex, I sensed every little thing. The touch of my sexual partner is soothing. It created a ripple in my ocean of emotions. I was very calm and composed. That foreplay was the best one which I have till now. I was on the verge of calmness and it is also witnessed by my sexual partner. My thorough activities had changed a lot. I was more into the feeling of enjoying the process rather than just concentrating on sex. She also found it quite rejuvenating. My touches were unique. I was foreplaying not just to arouse her, but also to feel the emotions and feeling of her.

I was able to feel the small activities we had done at that time of seduction. I was not in usual hurry, which I experienced normally. My mind was clear off the negative thoughts and I was concentrating on the process only. After the period of foreplay, we both were adamant to feel more, which was quite good. The arousal was not at all visible as both were composed. The main course of sex started, and they feel about that was unique, I was sensing the deep comfortableness in each other arms. The caressing and pampering were out of the world.

These are not only my thoughts, as after being a pro in sex I have learned one thing that the communication or little talks are of excellent importance. The small talks while having sex with my partner provided me with some feedback that she was also loving the process of love-making after the meditation. The orgasms she got was on another level and her activities shown them clearly.

I had a feeling of deep satisfaction after sex. That sex was one of the best experience I got in my life. It helped me in different ways. After that sex, I was feeling quite relaxed from the stress. I was feeling fresh as a new sapling. The emotions and attachment were on another level after that sex between me and my sexual partner. Though our relationship has ended due to some other problem that reason was not sex for sure. She was also quite happy about that. I had a conversation with her about her experience about that sex while meditating. She also told me that, it was the best love-making she had between us. though I am not bragging about the whole process, I felt quite new after that which is satisfactory for me.

Presently I am in a healthy relationship with another partner and I try meditation while having sex regularly. Though these are not as that much rejuvenating like the before one, I find it as a great stress buster and an enhancer for my relationship.

I try to meditate before having sex for almost 30 minutes and this has a positive effect on my performance as well as the level of satisfaction for both of us has increased a lot. My partner is also quite happy about this and from the past sometimes she is also trying to meditate before having sex. There is tremendous growth in our attachment and sensations compared to previous lovemaking sessions which do not include meditation. The happiness and containment on the face of me and my partner are on top-notch and we both feel to the core. Moreover, the frequency of orgasms has also increased with this new process.

After having the advantages of meditation while having sex, now I am suggesting and advising to my near and dear friends about this. The conversation about sex is somehow taboo among us, but believe it is good to be optimistic by acquiring new habits or experimenting something new. Some of my friends have tried this and they also find it quite amusing.

Meditating in the process of sex indulges all the senses. These are the simple processes which can come handy if you want it to give a try-:

Become aware of yourself and your feelings

You have to connect to yourselves before connecting with others. Our own body comes first. We have to feel our standing. We have to feel our emotions and sentiments. Find a firm ground where your feet are? The sensation air on our face and hands can be felt. The thumping of our heart can listen. In the love-making process, you have to be in your control. Look for your speed, make your activities minimal as soon as you find that you are going fast enough. After this, you can observe the building of a sweet aura and the response of each body parts.

Keen attention to your partner

After feeling and understanding your ground now is the turn to observe what is in front of you. Take a seductive and composed look to your lovely partner. Let’s observe them for some moment. Caress her by your touch. You can gently touch their hand, their lips, their neck, their back and their scalp with your finger palm. Appreciate them the beauty of it. This is the successive way after realizing and sensing our breath, we sense theirs. A very effective and soothing way to become intimate before our bodies spiraled is, to begin with, the breaths to attach. Noticing the heat generating between you and your partner is vital.

Conscious uniting of the soul to be there

As all the sensing and touching starts, feel the touch and contact of every part of yours with theirs. How the lips are getting locked? The heaviness of breath while lip-locking. How the body shivers with a specific touch? The expression when you touch her ear lobes? Feel the thumping of heart. The speed of heartbeats should be felt to be intimate. How does the response when you gently pamper her back? Their desire to sense. The movements of thighs around each other depict a lot. What does your inner palm feels when it touches the inner part of thighs or the skin of chest? After meditating and taking immense care and pleasure we can learn to feel each touch that we avail them with or get from them. The meditation provides the real juiciness of the moment.

The conclusion is of less importance

The best and most scintillating thing about meditating while having sex is that there does not lie an ending. It demands no final result or total satisfaction. It desires to make each other dislodged or surrender in each other thoughts and arms so that the best activities can be adaptable to let each other go as they want. This feeling is very deliciously optimal as we are ready to make each other saturated with emotions and feelings.

This is the personal story of mine about meditating while having sex. In adherence to the satisfaction and feeling, I get after every session of this is on cloud nine. The love-making process for everyone differs, but to feel someone with a pure heart and engagement is something mesmerizing.